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My Top 5 Movies of 2011!

Wed, 01/05/2011 - 6:51AM by Bended 0 Comments -

I have to make this clear first that i have not watch every single movie. Thus, i'm judging on the movies i've watched during 2010. And some of you might disagree with my Top 5, but people have different preference and perception so hope you guys enjoy reading =) and if you havent notice at the top on my page title i wrote that i'm gonna be posting on every Thursday. HELL YEAH! but i definitely is not watching movie every week so i might review on the old movies, and maybe other things other than movie, however i'll be trying to avoid those.


Number 5.

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This is really a hard one, for number 5, i've been thinking between Megamind or Dispicable Me. And there you have it Megamind. i really like this film and the result why Megamind is up here and not Dispicable me is because Dispicable Me storyline is not as good, and what made it nice to watch is not the story itself but the small little yellow things in the movie and they have more focus on that rather than the characters in the story. Therefore, Megamind.

Number 4.

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Yup Buried. and this is the part where most of you guys might disagree with me. But i really thinks this film really deserve it. For about an hour and half watching this movie, i dont feel bored. It keeps you in suspend, and the camera never leaves this guy for 1 and 1/2 hours, with so many tricky camera shot and pretty well done story outline. it deserves alot more credit than you gives it.

Number 3.

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I'm fighting this position 3 with Inception. and i've been thinking for a long time. and this definitely should go to How to Train Your Dragon! i really do like Inception, but after thinking for some time i dont think it deserve to be on my Top 5. Inception to me feels like a standard action flix with very creative story outline. Inception will be on my Top 10 but not the Top 5. And How to Train Your Dragon has good 3D effects, AWESOME AWESOME STORYLINE and many funny parts which really makes me laugh.

Number 2.

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TOYS STORY 3! i will really miss toys story. It's my favourite animation and it will always be. i really love it!

And Finally, Number 1.

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Another Leonardo film. This film is really great. It's a 2 hour movie and I DONT GET BORED OF IT! and this is one of those rare films that got me so absorbed into the movie that i just totally forget about my popcorn and drinks. i'm serious. if you havent watch it, you're missing out!


That's my Top 5. i know there's alot of animated filx here, i'm pretty shock too. but here you have it. My Top 5 movies for 2010!

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